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Hefei Xinchang Office Equipment Co., Ltd. <br /> Contact: Peng Dufeng Telephone: + 86-0551-63660759
Fax: + 86-0551-63657861
Mobile: 13956056904
Address: Room 1110, Building A, Building 5, Golden Plaza, Huangshan Road, Hefei
Copier sales
Toshiba copier sales
HP copier sales
Ricoh copier sales
Canon copier sales
Brother copier sales
Photocopier Rental
Brother Copier Rental
Canon copier rental
Toshiba copier rental
Ricoh copier rental
HP Copier Rental
Gestetner Copier Rental
Photocopier repair
Photocopier Repair 1
Photocopier Repair II
Photocopier Repair III
Photocopier Repair IV
New Product
Lenovo print copier rental repair
Lenovo print copier rental repair
HP1213 All-in-One
HP1213 All-in-One
Ricoh C3502 printer rental
Ricoh C3502 printer rental
Ricoh 9001 Copier Rental
Ricoh 9001 Copier Rental
Ricoh 3352 copier repair
Ricoh 3352 copier repair
Hefei printer repair
Hefei printer repair
Company Profile

Hefei Xinchang Office is an office equipment unit engaged in one-stop services such as office equipment sales, maintenance, leasing, Hefei printer rental, and copier maintenance. This unit adheres to the people-oriented, service-oriented, market-oriented business philosophy.

News Center
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Copyright: Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Hefei Xinchang Office Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in Hefei printer leasing , Hefei printer repair , Hefei copier repair , Hefei copier lease and other businesses.
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